This year the Bass bite has been hot here in upstate NY. Frogs and soft plastics have been doing well in smaller ponds, but in the larger deeper ponds spinnerbaits and minnows have been doing well.  4-6 pound Bass are being caught regularly  in the deeper ponds on minnows as well as on Senkos. If you want to catch quantities of 1-2 pound Bass I suggest using small soft plastics as well as stick-worms.

If you are just starting fishing I suggest trying smaller ponds with worms or tiny soft plastics such as Mister Twisters or Yum grubs for panfish such as Perch or Sunfish. If you have been fishing awhile and are looking for the trophy panfish fish deeper water with panfish jigs, preferably 6-8 feet of water. Also you can also cast spinners such as Blue Foxes to catch decent panfish.

If you are looking for a thrill this August I suggest trying for King Salmon at Corbinn’s Glenn or Linear Park. Make sure you have a heavy or medium action rod with 10-20 pound test. Use a single Salmon Egg on a circle hook or use a spawn sac on a size 6-8 barbed hook, I prefer gamagaktsus in either green or red. You can also use spoons, but make sure to use flashy colors to entice the fish to bite. If you are going to use a fly rod use a 7/8 rod with any of those rigs.


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An avid fisherman who loves the outdoors, plays sports and protects the environment.

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